Key Features of the New Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle Range

The new Worcester-Bosch boiler Greenstar Lifestyle range comes with loads of excellent key features for you to enjoy. Not only do they feature a sleek, black or white design, they also have tonnes of benefits over other boilers.

Attractive design

The Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle range itself has a very attractive design. The Greenstar Lifestyle range comes in black or white and has an easy to use control panel that looks sleek and stylish. The simplistic design is very modern and much more attractive than older boiler units, meaning it can be shown off on display in your home- rather than hidden away.

Excellent control panel

The control panel featured on the Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle range is very simplistic and easy to use. it has handy push buttons that change the temperature of your home, as well as buttons for your hot water and radiators. The control panel is very straightforward and is easy for all members of the family to get to grips with. While it may look simplistic, it gets the job done!

Automatically adjusts pressure

In your current boiler, if the pressure dips too low, you probably have to manually top it up. With the new Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle boilers, the pressure gauge regulates itself! This saves you the worry of needing to check your boiler pressure to see if it is too low or too high, as your boiler will now do this automatically. This is thanks to the technology used within the brand new Intelligent Filling System.

Control your boiler from your phone

The new Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle boilers are compatible with smart thermostats of their own, which means you can control the temperature of your home wherever you are. This gives you added control over your home, as you can alter the thermostat at any time of the day, regardless of where you are in the world!

10-year guarantee

With some of the new Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle range, you can enjoy up to a ten-year guarantee! this gives you peace of mind in knowing you won't have to splash out on any expensive repairs for up to the next decade of your life. This is ideal as it allows you to forward plan and budget your money much easier.

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