Benefits of installing a new boiler

Installing a new boiler can be great for your home, as well as for you and your family. Think about how great it’ll be to have some extra savings on your energy bills? Or to know you’re safe from any boiler breakdowns? Keep reading to find out all the reasons you should replace your boiler. 

Your new boiler will be more efficient 

A new boiler will use condensing technology, meaning they’ll be at least 90% efficient. However, you should still look for one that’s A-Rated for efficiency too. The most efficient boilers can be over 95% efficient, whereas your old model could be as low as 50%! Think about how much money you could save from having a boiler that is over 40% more efficient. You’ll have more savings to spend on more exciting things. 

A new boiler will be less likely to breakdown

If your current boiler is prone to breakdowns or needs regular repairs, a new boiler will do wonders for your home. A new boiler will be much more reliable, so you’ll be free from worrying about whether you’ll be waking up to a warm shower or not! 

A new boiler will be much smaller 

Your new boiler will be a much more compact unit, meaning it could fit inside your kitchen cupboard. Wall mounting your boiler leaves you with lots more available space than before, which is especially useful if you have a smaller home. 

A new boiler will make less noise

All boilers make a quiet background noise when they run, but it shouldn’t be any more than this. Having a quiet boiler can make a world of difference if it is the other side of a bedroom wall, for example.

A new boiler will make your home feel more comfortable 

Getting a new boiler means your home will feel warmer, faster - while using even less energy than before! Feeling more comfortable will be even better when you realise how much money you’re saving!

A new boiler makes your home more attractive to buyers

When you come to sell your home, having a new boiler makes it look much more attractive.

Need a new boiler in Exeter?

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